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High Performance Cast Iron Y-Strainer

Product Name: High Performance Cast Iron Y-Strainer

High Performance Cast Iron Y-Strainer for Water, Oil and Gas ISO & CE Certificate


Product Introduction

Y Strainer medium is indispensable to the pipeline system of a kind of filter device, Y strainer is usually installed in the valve and relief valve, valve or other equipment of water inlet, used to remove impurities of medium, in order to protect the valve and the normal use of equipment.
Y strainer have advanced structure, small resistance, the drainage is convenient wait for a characteristic.
Y strainer medium can apply for water, oil and gas.


Working principle

Basket strainers, mainly by competent, filter blue, flange, flange cover and fasteners. When the liquid through a filter blue, competent into solid impurities particle filter is in blue, while the clean fluid through the filter blue, the filter export eduction.

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